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Wisycom toma Centerstage por la voz de Alemania


BERLIN, JUNE 19, 2019 – Wireless Audio System Engineer Victor Lang recently helped The Voice of Germany improve its wireless in-ear monitoring coverage with new Wisycom solutions. With a reliable RF signal that extends from the stage all the way to the back of the audience and backstage into the green room, Lang turned to the Wisycom’s MTK952 Wideband Dual transmitter, MPR50-IEM Wideband Receiver y MAT288 Matrix Combiner.

En las The Voice of Germany, Lang employed the Wisycom IEM system – the MPR50-IEM and MTK952 – along with 40 channels of Shure Digital Axient for all the wireless mics through the MAT288 to create multiple antenna coverage/zones.

“One of the big reasons the producers wanted to try out the Wisycom IEM system was because of the difficulty they had in the past in getting full coverage in each of the key zones,” he says. “I was confident that if we incorporated Wisycom into the equation, we would solve all wireless coverage issues. One of the things I really love about Wisycom’s RF distributed products is that you can use different products/brands together with the gear. So, if the A1 wants another wireless mic system, that’s not an issue for the show. I can still have my full Wisycom RF distribution rack to create flawless coverage everywhere for the show. Knowing that the products can work together and not against each other is a huge benefit. Plus, Wisycom’s IEM system sounds amazing.”

The MPR50-IEM wideband receiver is a compact, true-diversity receiver designed for professional in-ear monitoring applications. With FM stereo mode for MPX decoding; mix-mode and frequency scan functionality; and automatic programming through infrared and micro-USB, the MPR50-IEM provides all the elements necessary for fast-paced reality competition environments. The receiver’s new ENS compander has been designed especially for musical applications with high dynamic sound and the audio response, linearity and stereophony give user’s a unique listening experience.

Though this was his first foray into Wisycom IEMs, Lang’s was introduced to the company’s wireless capabilities five years ago. “When I initially heard of Wisycom, I was touring as a monitor engineer for a big pop artist here in Denmark,” he adds. “The FOH engineer for that tour wanted to change the existing wireless microphone system because he thought that there was too much noise in the audio compander. We got in touch with the Danish distributor for Wisycom (Torben Aalykke) who gave us a demo of the MRK960 receiver system and MTH400 microphone transmitter. The FOH engineer really liked the sound of that combination and, as a result, we changed the wireless system on the next tour to Wisycom. Since then, Wisycom has become a huge part of my world. I now use nearly every Wisycom product on a daily basis, including on The Voice of Germany".

Among the other gear deployed by Lang for La voz is Wisycom’s versatile MTK952 Wideband Dual Transmitter, which has 2400 user-defined frequencies and a reference in/out for ISO-frequencies or multiple coverage zones, as well as the MAT288 Matrix Combiner, which allows sound engineers to actively and effectively make adjustments that pertain to and affect the microphones and instruments.

Acerca de Wisycom

Wisycom es un diseñador y constructor de las soluciones RF más sofisticadas para la difusión, la producción cinematográfica y la producción en directo, reconocida por su durabilidad, flexibilidad, fiabilidad, practicidad y puntos de precio rentables. El proceso de diseño de Wisycom es impulsado por la atención al detalle, la retroalimentación de los clientes y la calidad final, desde la selección de componentes hasta el proceso de fabricación, que tiene lugar en las plantas italianas de la compañía. La compañía se enorgullece de servir como asesor técnico y socio de cada cliente. Desde el diseño personalizado hasta la evaluación y el dimensionamiento de los sistemas, el equipo de Wisycom se mantiene al lado de sus clientes a través de cada paso del proceso. Para mayor información por favor visite Www.wisycom.com.