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Mediaproxy trae las últimas funciones para el monitor-analizador de cumplimiento de LogServer a Media + Entertainment Tech Expo 2019


Australian company to show IP logging and analysis platform with exception-based monitoring and cloud capability on home ground at SMPTE branch show in Sydney

Melbourne, Australia – 24 June 2019 – Mediaproxy, the leading provider of software-based IP broadcast solutions, will show the latest updates to its LogServer compliance, monitoring and analysis package at SMPTE Australia’s Media+Entertainment Tech Expo on booth F27 in the International Convention Centre Sydney (ICC Sydney) from 17 to 20 July 2019.

While recognized internationally as a company of cutting-edge technology for compliance applications in file-based broadcast workflows, Mediaproxy maintains a strong presence in its domestic market of Australia. Like their counterparts in other parts of the world, Australian broadcasters, service providers and platform operators are facing the realities of OTT services, which have made broadcast operations more complicated, particularly in terms of checking and analyzing delivery streams.

A major challenge is that playout is no longer the final point for quality control (QC). Modern distribution ecosystems call for a greater degree of management because of more logging and compliance checks needed to cope with CDN edge points, targeted ad-insertion, multi-language support and event-based channels at different places along the chain.

During this year’s MET Mediaproxy will demonstrate the concept of exception-based monitoring, which uses IP penalty boxes that allow broadcasters and MSOs (multiple system operators) working at scale to deal with QC and compliance more efficiently.

As well as OTT, broadcasters now have to address social media as an increasingly important platform for video distribution. More broadcasters are now exploiting Twitter, Facebook and YouTube to extend their reach. These outlets have different, specific requirements for how material is prepared and Mediaproxy has incorporated dedicated tools for this into LogServer. These include features for cropping the image and altering the aspect ratio to make it better suited for mobile devices, in addition to the capability for inserting ad bumpers.

Among other new features for LogServer that address the needs of network operators running multiple stations and playout streams is a live source comparison tool. This identifies mismatched content in real-time and is able to compare one or more live sources using video material. An alert is sent to operators immediately if irregularities are detected.

LogServer también soporta SMPTE ST 2110 media over IP formats and Newtek‘s NDI (Network Device Interface) technology. By working with both of these sources, the software’s compliance recording and monitoring options are enhanced, ensuring complete adherence to standards at all points along the IP chain.

Commenting on Mediaproxy’s presence at MET and the latest version of LogServer, chief executive Erik Otto says, “We always look forward to our visit to Sydney for MET. It gives us a perfect showcase to demonstrate how LogServer can help with the major operational challenges faced by broadcasters today. Controlling a large number of OTT streams can be daunting, which is why having a unified system for monitoring compliance and identifying issues across all traditional and OTT playouts is critical. To ensure that the right content is at the right place at the right time, Mediaproxy LogServer enables operators to log and monitor outgoing ABR streams as well as Transport Stream and OTT stream metadata, including SCTE triggers, closed captions and audio information, all from one place. It is the key to surviving the multiformat game of the future and we are delighted to demonstrate this at MET 2019.”


Acerca de Mediaproxy
Desde 2001, cientos de ingenieros de todo el mundo confían diariamente en las soluciones de software unificadas de Mediaproxy para el monitoreo, análisis, multivisión y captura de video en vivo de fuentes de transmisión y OTT de 24 / 7. Con soporte para los últimos formatos y estándares, incluyendo 4K, HEVC, SMPTE 2022-6, SMPTE 2110, NDI, HLS, MPEG-DASH, RTMP y DVB-2, Mediaproxy consolida el análisis de incidentes en el aire, la búsqueda de contenido y la verificación de anuncios a través de un navegador web fácil de usar e interfaces móviles. Cumple con las normativas actuales de transmisión y transmisión de IP, Mediaproxy es compatible con todos los estándares actuales de la industria para subtítulos, Subtitulación DVB, SCTE-35, SCTE-104 y sonoridad. Ya sea en tierra o en la nube, las funciones de monitoreo de difusión, análisis y cumplimiento se pueden realizar en un solo lugar.

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