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Insight TV se lanza en España en el servicio de deportes Ahí +


Insight TV, the world’s leading 4K UHD HDR broadcaster and producer of native UHD content, has launched its HD channel on Spanish operator Ahí+’s, pay-tv sports package. Subscribers will have access to Insight TV’s full line up of inspirational and thought provoking content based on global influencers and trending topics.

Ahí+ was launched with the main aim to provide populations of less than 25,000, often in small communities or remote areas, with a global telecommunications service. Delivering high-quality programmes, the service fulfils the requirements of all demographics. Subscribers will be able to watch popular Insight TV shows including Franco, Morbidelli Rising, Travel with a Goat, Power &…Martial Arts and many more, dubbed in Spanish.

Manuel Hernández Cansino, Ahí+ CEO says, “We’re delighted to include Insight TV on our channel lineup as we continue to grow our sports service. It’s important for us to provide a range of programmes that highlight event coverage and the behind-the-scenes action of sports that are not always shown on mainstream networks.”

“We’re really proud of the growth we’re seeing in Europe with Insight TV. This latest launch highlights our ongoing commitment to bring high quality programming not just to viewers in major cities, but also smaller towns and rural locations,” adds Graeme Stanley, COO, Insight TV.



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