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La solución RF de Custom de Wisycom declarada gran ganadora de la cobertura de CNN del debate democrático


LAS VEGAS, FEBRUARY 29, 2016 – When the 2016 Democratic Presidential candidates squared off at the Wynn Convention Center in Las Vegas, Gary Vahling, Owner/President of Audio Masterpiece, Inc., and his crew were tasked with providing a wireless intercom workflow solution for CNN’s backstage production operations. Vahling turned to Wisycom, designer and builder of the most sophisticated RF solutions for broadcast, film and live production, to get the job done. sin especificar

Vahling was first introduced to Wisycom at NAB in 2010 and got his first demo piece in 2011. He became a full time user and authorized distributor when the company was introduced into the United States in 2014. The Wisycom gear provided by Vahling was used by CNN stage managers and audio crew to improve workflow coverage between the stage and truck.

In order to ensure the televised debate went off without any problems, Vahling first did a site survey and frequency scan to look at the room and identify any potential RF-related issues. “Once I had seen the large venue, it made sense to use Wisycom equipment in order to make sure we had complete coverage for all the areas we needed,” says Vahling. “Of course standard wireless microphone and PL systems allow the use of one pair of antennas, typically two receives for mics and one transmit and receive for PL . This means that you are completely locked into just one coverage zone on the main area. Because of the technology built in to the Wisycom gear, we were able to have complete coverage of the main room plus the coverage zones (dressing room hallway, truck area etc.). All receive zones used the Wisycom RF filter/amplifier technology to create a zero loss system covering approximately 50,000 square feet! The MAT 288 Programmable RF Combiner that we used allowed us to cover the receive zones with just the push of a button.” Wisycom_CNN_1

Vahling used an array of Wisycom gear, including one MAT 288 , four MFL fiberboxes (two TTRR and two RRTT), , two BAW Wideband Antenna Boosters, six BAA Wideband Antenna Boosters, LNN1 Wideband UHF Antennas, AGN-00 Omnidirectional Antennas as well as CSA-414 RF Splitter/Combiners and SPL-218AW Active Wideband Antenna Splitters.

“In addition, the MFL Fiberbox BX1-4U allowed us to cover the truck zone because of the long distance between the main area and the truck,” adds Vahling. “By using the MFL fiberboxes, we were able to run all RF signals over fiber, which allowed the stage managers and wireless intercom users to go to the truck without obstacles and have a seamless workflow area when they are wearing the wireless intercom packs. The MAT 288 was the workhorse for the wireless mics and the candidates, and the MFL was reliable for all the stage managers and the intercom workflow.

“The Wisycom product line offers what no other manufacturer can supply,” Vahling continues. “The ease of use and flexibility of the technology provides users with RF distribution products that allow them to do what’s never been done before. To be able to have this expandability of the RF coverage is quite simply a game changer. Thanks to Wisycom the broadcast was a success.”

Acerca de Wisycom
Wisycom es diseñador y constructor de las soluciones RF más sofisticadas para la difusión, la producción cinematográfica y la producción en vivo, reconocidas por su durabilidad, flexibilidad, fiabilidad, practicidad y puntos de precio rentables. El proceso de diseño de Wisycom es impulsado por la atención al detalle, la retroalimentación de los clientes y la calidad final, desde la selección de componentes hasta el proceso de fabricación, que tiene lugar en las plantas italianas de la compañía. La empresa se enorgullece de servir como asesor técnico y socio de cada cliente. Desde el diseño personalizado hasta la evaluación y el dimensionamiento de los sistemas, el equipo de Wisycom se mantiene al lado de sus clientes a través de cada paso del proceso. Para mayor información por favor visite Www.wisycom.com.

Acerca de Audio Masterpiece
Based in Southern California, Audio Masterpiece is the authorized US distributor for Wisycom wireless technologies specializing in sales and rentals for Broadcast, Live Events, Film/TV-Video, Corporate AV and Integration Services. One on One customer focus and training assures our clients success. With more than 20 years consulting experience we are able to provide production audio equipment design and intercom solutions for any application. For more information, please visit Www.audiomasterpiece.com