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Pebble Beach Systems se asocia con RRsat en IBC para mostrar One-Stop Multicanal Playout Solution


Weybridge, UK. 28th August 2014:

RRsat Global Communications Network Ltd., a leading global provider of end-to-end digital media services and content distribution, will partner with automation specialist Sistemas de Pebble Beach at next month’s IBC to demonstrate a new implementation of Marina automation as a one stop multichannel playout solution for channels of all levels of complexity. From the remote virtual management of channels via the Marina Web Client, to full service playout services for premium reactive channels, Marina automation will be shown on the RRsat stand handling all channel types from within the same system, and with the capability to adapt to additional complexity as the broadcaster’s requirements evolve.

Marina in use at RRsat

Marina in use at RRsat

Marina’s new Web Client will be shown offering remote channel management and operation, including uploading content and playlist manipulation. For the service provider such as RRsat, this offers greater operational efficiency and enables global access for customers on their media service platform. RRsat are also demonstrating integration with Sistemas de Pebble Beach’ Dolphin integrated channel device, with IP outputs under the control of the same Marina system. This IP configuration enables RRsat to playout to DVB customers, foregoing the need for separate encoders, subtitling devices and so on.

Sistemas de Pebble Beach has worked with RRsat for many years and been a partner in its growth, from its early days as a 3 channel facility to the NASDAQ-listed leading provider of playout services internationally of today. RRsat now has media centers located across 3 continents, and currently provides playout services for over 130 TV channels, with customers including MTV, Nickelodeon, Comedy Central, Fashion One, KidsCo, Bollywood HD, BABY TV, BABY First TV, Playboy, CNL and GINX.

Moshe Perez, Technical Director of Playout Services, confirms “We evaluated a range of automation systems when we expanded our facility and moved to the new Emek HaEla location last year. As our clients have hugely diverse requirements and we need the ability to playout channels of varying levels of complexity, it was vital for the new automation solution to be highly flexible and scalable. And from a commercial perspective, we needed the ability to continue to exploit legacy technologies along with the evolving IT-based and cloud-based solutions for broadcast.”

“As an independent automation control layer, Marina enables us and the client to choose the best underlying technology to meet the specific needs of each channel. The Marina system is currently automating over 80 channels for our diverse portfolio of playout clients. With interfaces to Armónico y Imagine las comunicaciones servers, as well as to integrated channel devices, it enables us to offer a wide range of channel types to our user base, from channel in a box operations to transmission chains composed of traditional discrete best of breed devices” Moshe continues. “Sistemas de Pebble Beach has been a long term strategic partner through the growth both of our company and theirs, and we are confident that Marina and the new developments on the Web Client and Dolphin will continue to enhance our playout services as RRsat expands.”

About RRsat – IBC Stand 1.B24

RRsat Global Communications Network Ltd. (NASDAQ: RRST) provides global, end-to-end, digital content preparation and management, as well as content distribution services to the rapidly expanding broadcasting industry, covering more than 150 countries. Through its Global Network, composed of satélite, terrestrial fiber optic capacity and the public Internet, RRsat provides high-quality and flexible global content distribution 24 by 7 services to more than 630 channels reaching multiplatform operators, Internet TV and direct-to-home viewers worldwide. In addition, the company offers worldwide content management and distribution services for sports, news and other live events. More than 130 channels use RRsat’s advanced production and playout centers, comprising of comprehensive media asset management services. Visit the company’s website www.rrsat.com.

Acerca del festival Sistemas de Pebble Beach – IBC Stand 8.C71

Sistemas de Pebble Beach Es líder mundial en automatización, canal en una caja y tecnología de canales integrados, con productos escalables diseñados para la transmisión multicanal, noticias, deportes y televisión interactiva, así como gestión de contenidos, flujo de trabajo y control directo de archivos. Instalado en más de los países 50 y con sistemas probados que van desde simples hasta más de 100 canales en funcionamiento, Sistemas de Pebble Beach offers open, flexible systems which encompass ingest automation, workflow automation, archive automation and complex file-based workflows.

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Sistemas de Pebble Beach Es una empresa Vislink

About Vislink plc – IBC Stand 1.A69

The Vislink Group is a global technology business specialising in the collection and delivery of high quality video and associated data from the field to the point of usage. Vislink provides solutions to the broadcast market for the collection and play out management of live news, sport and entertainment events and to the surveillance market including defence, law enforcement and public safety customers for the delivery of secure video and data communications. With offices in the UK, USA, Brazil, UAE, and Singapore, Vislink employs over 300 people worldwide. Our solutions include the design and manufacture of microwave radio, satélite Transmisión, celulares, sistemas de cámaras inalámbricas y software de gestión de radiodifusión; Nuestras operaciones de desarrollo y fabricación están en el Reino Unido y los Estados Unidos.

La Compañía cotiza en la Bolsa de Valores de Londres.

Para más información, visite Www.vislink.com.

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