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Forbidden integra Timecode Buddy en plataforma Forscene a través de la aplicación MovieSlate iOS


LONDON — Aug 26, 2014 — Forbidden Technologies plc (AIM: FBT), el propietario de AIM y desarrollador de la plataforma de vídeo en la nube líder del mercado Forscene, today announced that it has integrated Forscene with Timecode Systems Limited’s Timecode Buddy via the MovieSlate iOS application. MovieSlate is the industry standard for production slates and the Timecode Buddy system lets users reliably and easily generate, sync, and share accurate timecodes and metadata wirelessly over RF or Wi-Fi networks. The integration brings the three technologies together to allow people to insert metadata notes and media into a logging and editing system.

“We’re always aiming to integrate with proven technologies that help our customers solve their most vexing problems in order to save time and money. This integration fills a gap at the beginning of the production workflow, helping our customers not only capture important metadata in Forscene from the very start of production, but also make sure the metadata is synchronized and searchable throughout the workflow,” said Greg Hirst, business development director, Forbidden Technologies plc. “Timecode Buddy is a powerful enhancement to the Forscene platform that makes it possible to import shot notes created on the shoot directly into Forscene in a way that automatically links back to the media — a feature that translates to a faster, more efficient post process.”

With the Timecode Sync plugin, MovieSlate users can leverage SMPTE timecode that’s synced over Wi-Fi, in real time, from the extremely accurate Timecode Buddy system. This means that MovieSlate notes containing shoot log information reference the same timecode as the media itself. As a result of the Forscene integration, the MovieSlate shoot notes then automatically link back to the media when they’re imported into Forscene. This process ensures that producers starting work in Forscene already have some basic notes from which to build more detailed logs. All information is present throughout the Forscene workflow as searchable metadata to allow for fast assembly and editing.

La integración con Forscene is Timecode Buddy’s first integration with a crossplatform editing solution.

“Timecode Systems has always believed that collaboration is the only true way to advance the greater good of the industry. From day one, our senior production contacts have been telling us that they require more manufacturers and developers to work together with common interfaces,” said Paul Scurrell, managing director, Timecode Systems Limited. “This integration is very important to Timecode Buddy because it takes us one step closer to our mission of bringing the latest technology together with third-party companies to provide a more efficient and elegant way to sync, log, and track content. Forscene is already widely adopted in production and post- production workflows, so it is an ideal platform with which to integrate.”

Más información acerca de Forscene Se puede encontrar en www.Forscene traducción.co.uk. More information about Forbidden can be found at www.forbidden.co.uk.

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About Timecode Systems Limited
Timecode Systems Limited designs and manufactures timecode hardware and software products that meet the needs of today’s shooting practices and recording formats. Launched in April 2012, the Timecode Buddy system is the first suite of products to generate and sync extremely accurate timecode and metadata on licence free RF channels whilst simultaneously transmitting timecode and metadata to iPads using Wi-Fi. More information on Timecode Buddy can be found at Www.timecodebuddy.com.

Acerca de Forbidden Technologies plc
Forbidden desarrolla tecnologías avanzadas que permiten a los creadores de medios y radiodifusores crear y distribuir experiencias de visualización convincentes a audiencias exigentes a nivel mundial. El producto insignia de Forbidden, Forscene, Es la plataforma de postproducción de vídeo basada en la nube más avanzada del mundo. Permite a los profesionales de la postproducción crear y entregar historias de alta calidad y valor de producción en paisajes exigentes y de ritmo acelerado. Cotizado en el Mercado de Inversión Alternativa de la Bolsa de Valores de Londres, Forbidden se asocia con organizaciones de medios y tecnología de alto perfil, como Atos, BIM, deltatre, EVS, Y medios de código clave. Más información sobre Forbidden se puede encontrar en www.forbidden.co.uk. Más información sobre Forscene Se puede encontrar en www.Forscene traducción.co.uk.

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